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Who are Felix & Winston?

Felix is an economist, banker and lawyer who quit the corporate world to be an entrepreneur and investor.  Felix and his adopted golden retriever, Winston share their 20+ years experience of investing in stocks, private equity, real estate and bonds daily on YouTube. His mission is to help you achieve financial freedom.

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Watch What Our Students Have to Say:

"The course clearly ties all the various pieces of information together in a very cohesive manner I finally feel secure about what I am trying to do that I otherwise would not be able to do by myself....he is a gem..." - Michael Hardy
"There is so much value in the depth of the course. Feels like he wants you to learn everything he is teaching"  - Paul
"The course is fantastic and Felix inspires me to keep learning."  - Jan
"Felix has a very good teaching method, with an easy to learn approach which more importantly allows the student the ability to retain the information. YouTube videos are excellent and very informative, however if you want a edge to make money then you will not be disappointed with the course."  - Andy
"The one aspect of this course that I got the greatest benefit from is the discussion about the economics and psychology that affects the markets as this is rarely discussed by other people. The course is very helpful to serve as a foundational knowledge about investing and stock market because it covers a very broad range of topics. Felix is also a very good teacher who explains things very clearly."  - Jan

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