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My first investment was a disaster.  I was 18 years old and had earned my first $10,000 working holidays and part time for a software start up.  I was excited to put that money into the market.  I had no one to guide me, so I read financial news and all the headlines were about biotech.  So I decided to buy 2 biotech funds that my bank offered.

A few months later, the funds were down 45%, I sold, and did not invest again for many years.  

What got me back into investing was a book called "Value Averaging: The Safe and Easy Strategy for Higher Investment Returns".  It was the first time I realised that there was a simple yet highly profitable model for investing.  

I then worked as a Hedge Fund Strategist on the trading floor of an investment bank.  

That was an eye opener!

That is when I decided to teach how Wall Street really works.

  • Most investment advice is about saving. While most "advisors" tell you to cut expenses, in reality this is only gets you 10% there.  The other 90% are done for you, if you follow a simple system and select 10 good stocks. Just buying the index will also work, so long as you stick with it.
  • What they don't tell you. To get wealthy you need to invest MORE.  For that you need to build an extra income stream.  Compounding is great, but you need to have something to compound.
  • Investing is confusing. Every day, mainstream media is talking about inflation, GDP numbers, trade wars, unions, new technology, daily 'once in a lifetime opportunities',.... There is so much noise out there that most people become despondent.  "I will never understand this..."
  • Investing is emotional. You can have all the knowledge and good intentions.  You make an investment and immediately it is down 5%.  Do you sell?  Do you pretend it never happened and hope to sell when it goes back up? What will your spouse think of you?

What we like to do on a Monday.  Money gives you time freedom to do what you want, when you want!

What I now know about investing is so simple.  I wish that everyone was taught this at school.  Everyone can be wealthy and financially free.  Now, I make the same simple investment 1x per month and I see my wealth blossom in front of my eyes.

My Philosophy

Enjoy a great life. Managing your money is not about worrying about bills or saving a few dollars.  Learning how to invest with an automated system and a simple asset allocation will make those worries seem insignificant.  Focus on receiving $10,000 in passive income instead.

You create your life. Do what you love doing.  For me that is hiking for 6 hours with my dog on a Monday, or wake surfing on a Thursday.  What do you really get satisfaction from?

Investing is simple, boring and exciting. I don't check my portfolio ever day.  In fact I don't even look at the stock price before I buy each month.  Is that boring? Maybe.  What gets me really excited is seeing the long term growth, knowing that I will always be able to do what I want, when I want.

Money is good. Many of us are brought up with negative attitudes towards money.  Money is not intimidating.  Money does one thing.  It gives you the freedom to decide what to do with your life.

You deserve a great life.  You deserve to enjoy every day you are on this planet.  You need to set up your investment system, and once that is automated, you deserve to spend your time doing what you love.

What we like to do on a Thursday.  Take a pack of 10 dogs on a boat and head to the beach.  Pure joy.

How I Work

Yes, I work!  I enjoy it!

My business has been remote for 10 years now.  I have an office, but I have not been there in 5 months. To be honest, I am not sure where the key is.

I give away 95% of what I teach for free.   I want everyone to realise that they can be wealthy.  Every child should be taught this.  Just watch me on Youtube every day for unlimited free information.  My premium programs are even better.

I love sharing with you my knowledge built up through an economics degree, time served as a corporate lawyer, a stint at an investment bank in Hong Kong and years of investing in stocks, bonds, real estate and private equity.

These experiences will help you become a smarter investor, and put you on track to financial independence.

Let us build lasting wealth together.

"I want you to become financially independent through investing. Building lasting wealth is enormously satisfying and gives you ultimate freedom."


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