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#16 -JAMES
"So I decided to join his coaching program. Best thing I've ever done.
My biggest problem was risk management, didn't really have anything to find, they solved that immediately said, here's what you do, and that has served me well.
This program is different in the fact that it's sustainable. It's low risk. And you don't have to sit in front of the computer all day or in front of your brokerage all day to do this, three or four hours a week. It's stress free, so it's totally changed my life"
"My returns have been 5 to 10% per month.
It's been a bit of a life changing and game changing experience for me and going through this program and diving into investing and options world here."
#19 - NUNO
"This course really changed my life.
This will be one of the best investments you will make throughout your life"
"Very pleased with Felix, he's a great teacher. He cares about his students.
I'm very pleased to recommend Felix and his course."
#12 -Emily
"Felix and his team have completely tailored my mentorship to suit my time. It has not been a problem whatsoever. The support that they give you is just something that I've never experienced before if you are considering joining this mentorship. Please do, you will not regret it. It is incredible, I'm so glad that I am a part of it"
#13 -IVAN
"I'm up 4% with my portfolio for the first 3 weeks of trading options.
Felix is different, he's a great guy. He's always there for you. You can talk anything with him"
"This really helped me understand how options trading works and I started paper trading successfully for a couple of months."
#15 -TC
"The community is great because it's a community of like minded people, traders who are on the same journey, who have the same questions, who have a diverse set of experiences and who are located all around the world. So all of that different experience put to together with the wealth of knowledge and the dept of experience of all the coaches and mentors makes it a fantastic program.
I really enjoyed it"
#18 -HARRY
"I'm very happy with this program and open a whole a lot of the opportunities.
This program can turn statistics into real earning.
The program teaches us to harvest option premium, but systematically. In the coaching program, I am quite pleased that we are able to consult continuously with the coaches who have extensive experience with option trading. And have already managed a larger-sized portfolio.
In fact, one of the most important asset in coaching program is its genuine and passionate people in the community, as well as the coaches."
"I can easily understand all the concept, strategies the idea behind. Thank you very much for your time."
#21 - FELIX
"Luckily Felix got through my thick skull. I can tell you one thing. When Felix tells that he and his coaches will bring you training to the next level, that's not fully accurate. It's an absolute  understatement. It's not one level, it's levels. And I have leveled up more in the last 3 weeks. Than I managed to do on my own in 2 years priors. I have waited far too long to join this amazing community!"
"I've been a part of the community, part of the Options Mentoring Program for about 7 or 8 weeks now. It is the real deal. It well teaches you how to fish, show you the fundamentals and their philosophy of how to trade, how the big banks do it. Strategy that they've developed really gave me what I was missing understanding how to trade options.
I have maintained over 5% per week return!
Felix program is the real deal"
"Felix I'm up 60% on my portfolio in the last 3 weeks, you are awesome."
#21 - ROBERT 
"My first week of live trading and things are looking good so far ($13,000 was deposited into my account immediately this morning)!.
This is awesome! I will have an updated tally at the end of the week"
#22 - J-ROON 
"My winning streek keeps on going 1600$ today all on same day expiry trades"
"After the first month I can say that I was able to figured out the "matrix" or what to look for when selecting "good boring" companies to trade on. In May, I setup exclusively Iron Condor trades and I ended up making $1,400."
"You have helped me take my own finances into my own hands and generate an amazing amount of wealth in a very short periode of time. 17K - 520K since Jan 2020"
#25 - MARGIT
"My ROIC for the week was 6,06%. So yes it really works. Other big win for myself was I noticed I did not need or want to copy Felix trades anymore."
#26 - WILL
"A paper winning week using Felix's high prob low risk trade method all of these we 90% or better odds."
"Ding Ding Ding."
#29 - SHANKS
"still have 2 open that expire tomorrow which should net another $300 but here are the results after a month.
"During the month of October I was able to increase my portfolio value @$10,000 (from $103K to $113K) just working with stocks (no options)."
"However, this video opened my eyes a bit! Your dismantling of their argument was impressive, to say at least."
"Your content is so consistent and well researched."
#33 - CM
"I want to let you know how much I am enjoying it and not to mention  the amount of high quality content you have shared with us in Patreon and in the Discord channel
Just want drop you a note to say Thank You! And keep up the good work!"
"Felix, I am very excited to be joining your Patreon and Discord community.
I have been subscribing and liking your videos for months on YouTube and have finally decided to take a dive into world of Patreon and Discord!"
"Great experience with Felix. The material is well organized and he is wonderful instructor."
"The course and the community are top notch, special shout out to Guillermo from the options course, he really takes his time to help you and answer your questions"
"Joining Felix's coaching program is the best investment decision I have ever made."
#38 - STEFFEN 
"I made 8% in my first month real money, too. In very conservative way"
#39 - J-ROON
"Hey guys I just wanna share my trades for this week I did all trades with same expiration and increased my portfolio 20% this week"
#40 - NICOLE 
"Thanks for the great group call today and your ongoing insight."
#41 - MAR 
"Everything looking mighty fine today after I closed out AAPL!"

"What Do I Get in the Coaching Program?"

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Where are your students located? will this work for me if i am based in ...

Our students are based in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Aus/NZ.  Options trading is profitable if done right, from any country in the world.

Will This Work For Me If Iโ€™m Just Starting Out?

Absolutely! The Mentoring Program starts with the very basics of options trading, then moves on to more advanced strategies, techniques, and your trading masterplan. The program was designed for both beginners and more advanced investors.

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

Everything we are sharing inside of the Mentoring Program is designed for you to be able to take simple needle-moving actionable steps. We know what we teach works so the sooner you can implement it, the sooner you can see those results.


We have an extremely high satisfaction rate with all our programs. We know that what we share works! In our program, youโ€™ll get access to all the techniques and strategies we use for ourselves and our clients to obtain significant returns. For this reason, join the program ONLY if you are prepared to implement and get results. 

Do You Have A Guarantee?

We have an UNBEATABLE 90-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!. Thatโ€™s how confident we are in our program.

If you have any final questions before the call, feel free to message me on Facebook (here) or on Instagram (here) - Felix