Discover Your Money Personality Profile

Take the Money Personality Test and unlock your natural path to financial abundance, freedom, and security.

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Why take the Test?

The Money Personality Test is the world's leading profiling tool for identifying your natural approach to managing money. Take the test to uncover which of the eight profiles is your innate path.

  • Get clarity on which advice to follow and which to avoid. Identify the best opportunities to say 'yes' to and those to pass on.
  • Follow the right role models. Gain insights into how successful people with similar profiles have achieved financial abundance.
  • Understand your financial patterns and tendencies, as well as how to build a team that works in harmony with your money personality.
  • Learn when your winning money formula becomes a losing formula through the cycle of life.
Your personalized report will give you clear direction on what path to follow in your finances, investments, and retirement planning. Why make financial success hard work when you can follow your natural flow?
Join thousands of people who have already discovered their money personality profile,
and access the leading educational resources for financial growth and success.

What do YOU get when you take the Test?

A detailed 18-page report

on your Money Personality profile

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Learnon our educational platform to help grow your financial abundance and freedom.

Take the Test now to discover which of the following

eight profiles you align with:

Why does the Money Personality Test work so well?

Unlike other personality tests, the Money Personality Test is tailored to those seeking financial success. It highlights the formulas and paths that are most effective for you, along with role models to follow.

In fast-changing times, the Money Personality Test shows you how your strengths link to the cycle of life.

It's intuitive and easy to follow. Once you know your profile, you can apply it to your financial decisions with ease.

The Money Personality Test is linked to your flow. Use it to directly grow your financial abundance and freedom.

The Money Personality Test is linked to your financial goals and dreams. It helps you answer the question, "Why?" and aligns your financial decisions with your purpose.