What if you could Earn Passive Income with Options Trading?

Soon, you can. Master Options teaches you the secret world of earning reliable passive income from options trading.  It's all laid out, step by step, in Master Options.

Even if you have a small portfolio and some or no options experience - Master Options will help you earn passive income easily.

What you get when you join:
In depth, 100 step by step lessons and templates that take you through

  • Proven Strategies for Small Accounts
  • A supportive community of fellow investors and direct access to Felix
  • How You Get the Edge as an Options Trader
  • How to Fix Losing Trades
  • The simple maths that gives you 80%+ success rates
  • Avoid This! How Some Trader's Lose Money Every Month!
  • How to Test Your Strategy With $0 risk
  • Only proven options strategies.  No theory.  Just Real Trade Walk Throughs.

With Master Options, you get ALL of this, protected by a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee. Nothing else comes close.

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I Joined the Master Options Course to get the edge in trading Options. Watched your YouTube videos and became my go to channel. What is most valuable to me is that Felix has a very good teaching method, with an easy to learn approach which more importantly allows the student the ability to retain the information. YouTube videos are excellent and very informative, however if you want a edge to make money then you will not be disappointed with the course.


I enrolled in the Master Course to get a better understanding of Investing. Have been watching & enjoying Felix’s content on YouTube for a while. So when he introduced his courses, I jumped at the chance to learn more from him. There is so much value in the depth of the course. Feels like he wants you to learn everything he is trying to teach, as opposed to other people’s content that feels incomplete or that they’re only giving you bits & pieces. Enjoying the course a lot, looking forward to other courses in the future. Thanks Felix


I only purchased long range stocks, I didn't trade options at all. I wanted to learn to trade options. It's most important for me to learn to trade options with greater confidence and reduced risk. I like that the segments are "bite sized" meaning not too long, and can be reviewed throughout the series. Felix doesn't assume that students have an expertise in options training which makes it easier to progress in options knowledge.

Edward Williams

My intention was to learn how to take control of my financial future. I read some books and started down the path. I made lots of mistakes that have been costly. I needed to have a clear understanding of how to look at and evaluate my investments I had started to follow him on the internet. He was the first one who spoke to a level that was clear and had depth. He not your typical youtube expert. I decide to sign up for the courses created by Felix because I could see the depth of his perspectives in investments. He truely aligns with my trajectory and I felt that he would be my benchmark. The course clearly ties all the various pieces of information together in a very cohesive manner I finally feel secure about what I am trying to do that I otherwise would not be able to do by myself....he is a gem.....

Michael Hardy

I joined the course to gain a broader understanding of the market and trading. Because Felix actually seems to be interested in his members success. The info and detail you provide in your videos combined with positive encouragement. The course is fantastic and Felix inspires me to keep learning.