Let me know what your thoughts are on the above.  Are you holding on to losses?  If yes, ask yourself, would you buy this stock today.  

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  1. Thanks Felix. Good summation! I'm a new investor (1 year) and that's exactly what I've been doing.
    Glad to see these are common mistakes and I'm not alone! I won't rely on hope anymore for my riskier plays.
    Do you have a recommended % that growth/riskier stocks etc should make up of your portfolio? 10% Growth, 10% crypto etc?
    I've tended towards growth due to the buzz from other youtubers and potential gains, however I feel I'm now moving towards more steady plays. TSLA, MSFT, FB. Thanks

    1. Hello Mike, hard to summarise an answer in a few lines. I have a full course on this 🙂
      Essentially, factor in your time horizon. The shorter the time horizon, the less risk you can take. I am presently about 70% large caps (my ‘quality/reliable’ stocks), 20% physical property and 10% growth stocks.

  2. Hi Felix,

    How do you facter in short vs long term capital gains tax when taking profit? I have a few shares in AMD and Coinbase that are doing extremely well. I'm thinking of holding until I reach the 1year mark (summer '22).

    Thoughts on that strategy?

    1. Hello Lori, that is a tricky question. Taxes create perverse incentives. You are likely best to ignore the tax question. If you have a good reason to sell, I would sell. But then I wouldn’t live in a jurisdiction with capital gains tax either 🙂

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